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  1. Tue, 01.08.2006 00:14
    Way to go Bart, nice blog! It all sounds very ambitious, to say the least. But well, that’s how we know you. About the site, I can’t keep myself from giving a few comments. First, why such a crazy amount of american flags everywhere? And not even one dutch flag! I mean, the fellow students you will have in the US are clearly as much the target audience as we dutchies are. (That’s why it’s all in English, right?) For them you’ll be ‘the boy from the Netherlands’, just like you are the ‘boy who went to the USA’ to us. I bet the friends you’ll have in the US would love to see a few shiny dutch flags.

    And now I’m on it: the way you describe the Netherlands in your ‘about me’ post is quite clich√©. It’s good to attract tourists, but I suppose you want to tell more than the standard ‘sex, drugs and gays’-thing. The least thing you could do is add bicycles, polders and the delta works to the list (and maybe even wooden shoes, flowers, windmills and cheese). After you’ve done that, it’s a small step to add an explanation about how the concepts ‘Holland’, ‘the Netherlands’ and ‘Dutch’ relate and to explain why ‘The Netherlands’ is plural (in English).

    Last remark, don’t use ‘damn’. Contrary to American music and movies, real Americans heavily frown upon cursing, as far as my experience goes.

    Have fun in the states! I’ll try to keep checking your blog for changes every so often.

    – Chris

  2. Hey Chris,

    You’re absolutely right. There should be some more Dutch flags and folklore on this page!

    I’ll get right to it!


    PS: sorry about the cursing, I’ll bleep things out ;-)

  3. ah, Bart, this site is absolutely not user friendly!! Where can I read Chris’ complete comment??

  4. Jeah, I see, it’s because the shoutbox is meant for short comments. I’ll change the number of characters shown.

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