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So I’m going to do a Master study in Human Computer Interaction. HCI is a study targeted to make students into professionals in the field of, eh, Human Computer Interaction. You might say that the students will become “Interface Designers”, but I think this description will be a bit too narrow. Anyway, I’ll learn how to make (computer-) systems a lot more user friendly.

How? Well, by doing a lot of work. I’ll take 60 units in both the Fall and Spring semester, and another 48 in the Summer semester. That’s right. No summer holidays for me this year. :(

Anyway, it’ll probably be interesting and fun :). There are courses in broadly three categories: design, programming and psychology. And of course several “special purpose” HCI courses, and a really big capstone project in which it all comes together.

I’ll put a list of all my courses and projects on this blog, and post info about them regularly.

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  1. I’m going to the United States for a year to do the master in Human Computer Interaction.

    Well, as you can read below, I want to make tools for UI designers that help them overcome their problems and guide them in making usable interface

  2. Hi Bart,

    What’s really the difference between Human Computer Interaction and Human Technology Interaction.

    Nice u got the scolarship and all, 45k is like way expansive if you don’t have a scolarship.

    You wrote you’re in the US for a masters of 1 year, but is that part of your masters here in Holland or can you retrieve a masters by just doing one year in US alone.

  3. Human Technology Interaction is a typical Dutch MSc program, which means:
    – 2 years of education
    – cheap :)
    – a focus on research
    – MSc diploma

    Human Computer Interaction is different:
    – it’s only 1 year (12 months, so no summer holiday)
    – expensive! :(
    – almost entirely focused on professional practice
    – MHCI diploma

    So, if you want to become a professional interaction designer, CMU is most likely the better choice. If you’re interested in the fundamental principles of human technology interaction, TU/e is better. If you want to do applied research in the field of interaction design (like me), then doing both is optimal (and a lot of fun).

    The CMU Masters is a 1 year program, so in August I get a diploma, and I can call myself “MHCI”. Since I also want to take the Eindhoven program (an “MSc” program), I arranged with the TU/e that I can get exempted from many of my courses, totaling about 60 ECTS, so 1 year (20 ECTS study abroad, 20 ECTS technology component, 20 ECTS design tracks). This means that I can finish my program in Eindhoven in only 1 year, and that I will have two diplomas (MHCI and MSc) after that year.

    The scholarship is by Nuffic (Huygens Scholarships), you can find a link at the bottom right of this page.

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