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With this weblog I will keep my friends, family, teachers and fellow students back in The Netherlands up to date about my life in de USA. Furthermore, I hope some of my fellow students in the US will visit this site once in a while, so my two “social domains” can get to know each other :D.

I’ll post messages about courses, parties, trips and other events, as well as some random stuff that is not event-related, but just crosses my mind. I promised to write for the Intermate periodical once in a while, and I’ll put those texts on my weblog too. I’ll try to update this blog several times a week, although this can decrease if I’m having a real good time :P.

I want this blog to be a meeting point for my friends, a guide for other students that want to go abroad, a diary worthy to return to in a later stage of my life, and something fun to read for everyone interested.

Keeping this blog alive will require your help, so please comment, discuss and chat as much as you want. You can comment on every entry. If you have a “random” comment, please use the Shoutbox in the sidebar. Some of my entries will be in Dutch, but I’ll try to keep that to a minimum. For all other entries: please try to use English in your comments as much as possible.

I hope you have fun reading this weblog. Giving feedback is encouraged, and if you want to contribute in any way other than via the comments and the shoutbox, please mail me at


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  1. I’m going to the United States for a year to do the master in Human Computer Interaction.

    Well, as you can read below, I want to make tools for UI designers that help them overcome their problems and guide them in making usable interface

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