46 kgs does not equal infinity

Two suitcases weighing max 23 kgs each. As if anyone could possibly pack more luggage than that!

Eh, yes, you can. 46 kgs seems to be infinity, but if you go abroad for one year, and like to bring clothes for every occasion, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble when facing the scales. 14 t-shirts, 12 boxers, 6 sweaters, 5 vests, 18 pairs of socks, 8 pairs of pants, 120 CDs, a discman, a reasonably filled toilet bag, an extra pair of shoes, a winter jacket, some towels, sheets, and several computer peripherals later you find yourself with two suitcases weighing 25 kgs each.

You learn two new equations. 2 x 23 kgs ≠ ∞. 2 x 25 kgs = 1 big problem.

Anyway, I got it back to 22 kgs, after kicking out some sweaters and other less important stuff. Phew.

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