60 hours a week!

I didn’t go to any more parties last weekend. That turned out to be a wise decision! This Master program is hard. Extremely hard. The minimal expectations are that you work 60 hours a week. 60 hours a week! I did 11 yesterday, and I was completely tired. I try to do 10 hours a day, and have Sundays off to relax, bike, and write my blog.

The trick is to get up early, start working immediately, use all the hours you have. No television, and (almost) no games. That’s the best way to do it. Use your spare time with friends: social interaction is most important.

Anyway… It’s quite stressful, and I hope I’ll get used to it. It is possible. I survived one day. That’s a start.

I’ll get back to you with interesting stuff about my courses this weekend. Monday is Labour Day, so I’ll have an extra day off to reflect on my situation.

Wait a minute. This sounds way too whiney. Hey, it’s all new, all unfamiliar. As soon as I get in the mood, I probably won’t notice the hard work anymore! The stuff I’m reading now is really interesting. And you know what? We get to put it into practice immediately! It’s going to be hard, but it’s going to be cool!

6 thoughts on “60 hours a week!”

  1. Haha, good thing you added that last part. I almost started to worry. Enjoy your classes!
    (hmm…, I’ve got the feeling I’m repeating myself)

  2. You know, it’s so cool to see that people are browsing this site, supporting me. Family and friends: thank you!

  3. YOu think I’d manage 60 hours a week? Compared to my timetable the coming semester 60 hours is kind of… a lot. I’ve got about 6… a week… which sucks… but i dunno…
    have fun with it and cya soon

  4. Hey Mark, you have MGO3 to do, right? That’s a whopping 20 hrs more. If you need some CogTool stuff, let me know!

  5. Yeah man, we’re starting this thing again. We’ll probably need the source code and maybe some advice from you and/or bonnie john. I’ll mail you as soon as i’ve contacted Steven about it, k?

  6. Sure! Bonnie is looking for some coders to work on the new version anyway :D

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