Wouter told me that my Dutch friends where betting on how many times a week I’d be at McDonalds during my stay. This was a joke, but it could very well have been true. And that concerns me :P.

Unfortunately, I realized that up until this afternoon I’d been eating only fast-food for lunch and dinner :(. Well, I actually ate a pear, a banana and a nectarine, but that might not be convincing evidence of a healthy life. That’s why I decided to cook dinner today. I made my famous Mexican oven dish with ground beef, kidney beans, corn chips and cheese. I actually put the receipe in the Intermania once, so you can find it here. I only added some tabasco for an extra spicy flavour. You can see the result below.

Ha! Look at that! I even got tomatoes and a cucumber and everything!

Now please shut up about McDonals, right?!

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