First encounter with University Police

It’s so hot today; I can smell the tarmac at some places! I bought a cellphone yesterday, so I had no trouble finding Gabriel this morning. There was a classroom-workout by the department of Fitness and Health, and several boring but apparently important presentations about Academic Integrity, the University Police, and Health Services (Gabe slept through the first one :D).

After lunch, we had the immigration check-in. Then we decided to pay Victoria (our coordinator) a visit. Because it’s really impolite to go visit a girl without bringing a present, we decided to steal some 1-meter-across balloons that the International Students Organization had put up in the main hall (I still have some Intermate spirit inside me!). Three students we met at the check-in joined our criminal activity. We were just making some pictures of ourselves with the balloons (sorry, forgot to ask for them), when the University Police caught us red-handed.

A little disillusioned, we decided not to see Vic after all. So I went for a long walk up Squirrel Hill to buy a bike. It was a little expensive, but it’ll pay itself back if I use it regularly. I’ll probably go and exhaust myself in the park tonight.

3 thoughts on “First encounter with University Police”

  1. Wow, did the police cars parked there just so you could take a picture? It surely is a nice composition, with the cars, the flagpole and the buildings on the sides.

  2. No, I actually got this one of the CMU Police website. Still don’t have a camera yet. (only my webcam)

  3. Haha, nice dude! way to go, representing EHV style. Baldadigheid’s a virtue, for real!

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