I’m still alive

Wow, you skip writing your weblog for two days, and people start asking what’s going on… I like that! :D

We didn’t stay late last night at Ruth’s party. It was a really good party (cookies, tapas, and excellent DIY-mojito’s), but Gabriel wanted to go home early because of his birthday. I actually got him a present: since he likes hard-rock and metal and that kind of stuff, I figured I could give him a CD by my brother’s band (Forced Memories).

Today I did pretty much nothing. I started reading Norman’s “Design of Everyday Things”, but it’s not so enlightening if you’ve already had Human Factors, Perception and User Interfaces. Furthermore, I think the book should be updated, since many of the examples are outdated: I’m more interested in the design failures in PDAs than those in slide projectors. I mean, there are still a lot of design failures, but their nature has changed as much as the products themselves!

Anyway… Ajay and I planned to wash our clothes today, but the card-system for the laundromat at Ajay’s place was out of order. We went to Walmart with Gabriel, and I helped the guys with buying and setting up their furniture.

You see? It’s boring, right? So just wait until Tuesday for the department’s orientation program. I’m a proponent of going out every “orientation-night”, and I’m sure there are some other guys and gals here who’d agree on that one…

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