Pittsburgh party-town…

I thought that my fellow students would be nerdy bookworms, always trying to get the highest grades in order too keep their scholarship. But, man, these guys know how to party!

Gabe, Ajay and I decided to gather as much HCI students as possible to meet and have a drink (a drink always sounds very decent :P) together before the MHCI orientation starts. Our dear coordinator Victoria promised to coordinate us to the good bars in town.

Well, the turn-up was great, and Victoria did a really great job showing us the right spots! In the first bar I had one of the best Long Island Iced Teas ever, and a delicious salad! Somehow a long-island-iced-tea-fairy got me a second one, which you can see me draining here. :D

Then we walked to the second bar, where I bought everyone a goldstrike (they call it gold schlagger here, watch the video!), and thereby got everybody really drunk :). Too bad the photo session ends there, because “Mr. long-island-iced-tea-fairy / bart-can-have-the-remaining-gold-schlagger-because-he’s-dutch-he’ll-manage” Gabriel went home. Anyway, we went to a karaoke-bar where Victoria made quite a performance! :P

Everyone had so much fun, and everyone embarrassed him- or herself. Which is an excellent basis for trust. You know they say: “Whatever happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas”. I think that whatever happens in Pittsburgh should get the hell out of there and never turn back again! ;)

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