My schedule actually allowed me to sleep late today. I had a very mellow day, nothing important or very interesting to do. Mark had asked me to go to the play Rent with him, but he had to call it of. So I coinced the idea to see it to some friends. There were quite a few of them that wanted to come, but we ended up with only three of us: Victoria, Gabriel and me. Well, I’m not complaining; Vic and Gabe are excellent company :D, I just hoped more of us would join.

If you go anywhere in the US where they serve alcohol (a bar, a club, but even restaurants), make sure you take your ID with you! We had to get back to the car to get mine :P. We ate in an excellent restaurant. It was a really hot place, all cool people, and limo’s pulling up in front. They served superb cocktails and I had a great shrimp quesadilla.

The play was great too. I mean, this wasn’t a “Joop van den Ende”-reproduction, this was the real Broadway production! Vic gave me an update on the plot, which is based on La Boh√®me (I could only tell because of parts of “La Vie en Rose” being played several times :P). Anyway, it’s about a bunch of friends trying to make a living in NYC. It’s about relationships, disease, death, and, of course, paying (last year’s) rent. Rent is a pop musical, and I think it’s a bit weird to have a band (not an orchestra) play complicated patterns and modulations and stuff. But it worked; it was intriguing and catchy at the same time.

I really have to go to sleep now, tomorrow I have to get up early, and we end our introduction week with a big party. If it even approximates last friday, it’s going to be a loooong night.

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