Just my luck. Three days before my big journey, British intelligence foils a major terrorist attack. All airports are in the highest state of emergency. Oh, how I’m looking forward to long lines at the airport, being deprived of bottled drinks all day, and possibly even having to do without my hand-luggage during the flight!

I need my coca-cola!

It’s quite obvious why such harsh measures are taken. It builds trust in those who protect us, because we’re more or less visibly protected. Furthermore, all passengers and airport personnel curse those “Islamic fascist” with their liquefied bombs.

I’d like to look at it from a different angle. Standing in endless lines to get what you want, insufficient drinking water, making long journeys without any personal belongings… It’s just like living in a poor Islamic country, infested with terrorists!

“Sympathy” is a big word. But just thinking about living like that every day makes me feel a little less confident about the “Righteous West” and the “Evil East”.

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