The last few parties

Yesterday was the last day of orientation. We had a t-shirt design contest, and our design of the “on-shirt-user-manual” called “understanding humans” came out last :P. I’ll take a picture of the shirt that won soon, but I think it sucked. I just don’t like it. After some Q&A we had a faculty house party at the wonderful house of two HCI professors just two blocks away from my place. They had some excellent cathering; too bad no one was really hungry.

Anyway, the party ended quite early, so we had to find something to do. We first went to a coffee shop, which is such a weird place in the US. Can you imagine; they actually drink coffee there?! After a cup of “apple grogge” (which basically is just hot liquid apple pie), some of us went to another house party, this one hosted by two PhD-students who just bought a house. It was still empty, so there was plenty of room for a party. I got a ride from Nina, who has the coolest snack-sized dog in the world (Chocolate). I mean, everyone wanted to cudle the poor animal. When KC (a guy from Korea) tried to touch it, I screamed out “don’t eat it! don’t eat it!” which is a bit discriminating, but rather funny too :P.

Today I went to the Giant Eagle supermarket with Gabriel to get some groceries. It’s cool that so many students own a car, I can get a ride whenever I want :)! After that, Mark and I went to Sree’s birthday party. Shree is the daughter of the owner of an Indian restaurant, and her parents organize a birthday party each year, with free food and drinks. We really got stuffed!

Tonight I think I’ll go to the “Jam on Walnut” festival, which is like a mini-festival down the street. I first have to get some rest… :D

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