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As most readers of this blog already know, my hair changes color once in a while (don’t know how, but it happens). Now, I’ve had red, blue, green, black, and even all colors of the rainbow together… but I never dared to do pink. I always said that people’d have to pay me $100 to do pink.

Well, now I’m actually going to try to do that. I want you guys to donate some money, and I’ll dye my hair. I will then double the amount, and give it to charity. That’s why it’s called cHAIRity!

We’re currently at $210… keep donating!
My dad joins me in doubling the final amount, so we triple the amount!

Update by Daniëlle, September 15
Since Bart didn’t really think this through very well, we’ve updated the rules a bit.

How to Donate:
Just make a comment to this post with the amount you want to donate. I will take care of collecting the money later.

The Amount:
Just donate any amount you feel is right. Every little helps!
Once we’ve raised $250 and donations are slowing down, I’ll stop it. Then I will double the raised amount with my own money and transfer it to the charity mentioned below.

The Charity:
The charity will be Edukans, which offers children in the third world a chance to get a proper education. This is because I feel kinda guilty that I get a lot of money from the Dutch governement to go to the US while at the same time there are a lot of kids that don’t get any education at all.

The Color:
There’s been some discussion going on about the color. I was going for pink, but some people got creative and wanted something else (like orange with pink polka-dots, as in the picture).
So lets be democratic. If over five donating people want something else then, we’ll have to vote. The power of your vote will be determined by the amount of money you have donated.

1. You donate some money to charity
2. Bart doubles the amount
3. And dyes his hair, thus making a fool of himself

So what are you waiting for? Start donating!

18 thoughts on “cHAIRity post”

  1. I know you are dying to have pink hair, so there $20 from me :)

  2. Hmm, I think it shouldn’t be you who choses the color. Let’s see which color raises the most money:

    25 EUR from me, but only if you dye it orange.

  3. Cool, but are you still going to pay if pink raises more after all? :P

  4. I can’t answer that, because that is strategical information. If I told you I’d pay either way, it would definately harm the ‘orange lobby’. If I’d say I would only pay for orange, I would be lying, so I can’t do that either. I hope you understand my position.

    Brings me to an other question. Why do WE have to pay if YOU want to support a charity to buy off your guilt feelings? The least thing you could do is doubble the amount you collect this way. I mean, you want to dye your hair anyway… :p

  5. Okay, I’ll double the amount, but only if I get over $250, right!

  6. Don’t dye it Orange…what about polka dots? Orange with pink polka dots…$25 from me.

  7. Sounds fair enough. You can write me down for the dollar equivalent of 25 euro, unregarded the color you chose. Good luck. I hope for you that this action doesn’t become so popular that it bankrupts you though… :p

  8. Hey Bart, still remember the rainbow on your head, a couple of years ago.. hehe, curious if the Americans will like it! Anyway, i’m not going to say someting about the color. Of course I could, but still suffering color-blindness.. But I prefer a color i can see like you all do (and let you believe, you all see, instead of me, the right colors, what is of course not true), like light green (not dark green, cos that’s actually brown), orange, yellow, blue (but not to close to purple), purple (but not to close to blue) or pink (but not to close to purple). Haha, good luck! And before i forget: i donate 10 euro!

  9. I donate 10 bugs while recovering from skybo paralysis. You do the right thing – big up!

  10. Five dollars for pink hair. Six dollars for both pink hair and pink eyebrows!

  11. Dunno if i’ll still be around to see it, but i’ll donate $10 to the cause and the general idea of you making a fool of yourself =)

  12. This online donating thing is still weird to me, but count me in for $10

  13. $10 for me…and i think you really want to do the pink thing, so let’s stick with that :)

  14. I’m way too busy trying to put my school, sport, social life, hair color and all other stuff in a regular 168-hour week to find decent time to write on my blog. I need to sleep too!

    I’ll just give you an update…:

    – Josh and I are upgrading a very

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