More photos

Here are some more photo’s I took yesterday. I’ll tag them this weekend, so you know what’s on them. Info about my courses will be on here too, I promise!

Our squirrel-infested garden :D

My bike
This is the house I live in, I live on the second floor on the right.

The arts department
Cantine in Newell Simon Hall (our department)

Carnegie Mellon University, seen from Morewood Avenue
Dave and Adam in the Apple Orchard

Josh, pretending to be busy
Yoko, annoyed by my camera
Luisa torturing the Mac
Jonas presenting his the work of his group

The “Cathedral of Learning”, the main building of Pitt University. I think the eye of Mordor could pop up any time.
Adam, Sushmita and the old version of Ben
Jack, showing of his award-winning shoulder :P

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