Picnic and Jazz festival

To my own surprise, people started calling me “The party-guy” and “The crazy Dutchman”. I mean, misbehave a tiny little bit at one party, and there goes your reputation. Now, as you know, I always think that a reputation is something that happens to other people, but in the US things are trickier. Here, we have Facebook which is an online social community of US students. There’s no way to keep you (spoiled) reputation to a small defined group here: If someone knows, everyone knows!

I decided that it was time for extreme measures. What is the most extreme thing Bart can do in a situation like this? Yes. You are right. He can start cooking!

So in order to facilitate the MHCI picnic lunch at the Flagstaff Jazz Festival, I took all Sunday night to prepare some delicacies together with our top chef Yoko. Her food was way better than mine, but people were awed by the fact that “the crazy Dutchman” could make mango-chili salads and proscuito sandwiches. I liked that. I like to surprise. The weather was great. And the music was great. I was really having fun…

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