The cHAIRity fund raise is over! I colored my hair pink this weekend, and you can see the evidence in this post. In total, people donated $220, which means I’ll give $660 to Edukans. Over the next few weeks I’ll contact the people who donated. If you’re in The Netherlands, please wire-transfer the money. If you’re in the US, make sure you carry some cash!

Once I have all the money I’ll write a nice e-mail with some pictures to the Edukans people, and transfer the money.

Thanks for donating!

Oh, here’s another picture, taken in NY.

3 thoughts on “Pink!”

  1. Haha! Congrats for raising so much money! It looks cute this way!

    By the way… you aren’t growing a ring beard, are you?

  2. A ring beard? No, although I thought about it :D. It just would make me look more mature than I actually am :P.

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