I’m way too busy trying to put my school, sport, social life, hair color and all other stuff in a regular 168-hour week to find decent time to write on my blog. I need to sleep too!

I’ll just give you an update…:

– Josh and I are upgrading a very neat Firefox toolbar named AnnotateTheWeb
– We have to model Bonnie’s blog using CogTool now (hey Bonnie, I linked to your blog… do I get extra credit now?)
– At the same time, we’re bug-hunting CogTool. Bonnie pays $5 a bug, and I already found two. I’ll donate half of it to cHAIRity (thereby ending up donating everything)
– Finally some rewards! 86.5% for methods homework, 91% for SAUI homework, an A for my Machine Learning midterm and 95% for my methods midterm!
– Making chocolate covered strawberries (I know. I’m a pimp.)

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