Halloween… crazy!

Halloween is like carnaval in The Netherlands, but then without the horrible carnaval music. Great! Of course, you have to dress up. Yoko had the wonderful idea of dressing me up as David Bowie.

I hope you like the result, because this is definitely the first and the last time I wear womens’ clothes and mascara!!!

2 thoughts on “Halloween… crazy!”

  1. Wow I didn’t even recognize you at first. Despite of all the evidence (pink hair, tongue out of mouth, ‘typical’ pose) I wasn’t sure if you really where that guy with the white shirt. I’ve no clue what David Bowie looks like, so that was no help either. I had to check your ear to be sure. :p I mean you look much older on those pics. Hmm, I guess that’s because you’re tried to look like David Bowie who is probably much older…

    Clicking the link worked as good, by the way. But now I’m confused, isn’t David Bowie supposed to be a man? David sounds like a strange name for a woman…

  2. LOL, Chris you’re funny :D. Yeah, I look kinda scary in these clothes. Even skinnier than normal. But hey, that’s halloween :P.

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