I hate color

For Communication Design Fundamentals we have to make a booklet. When I showed my stuff to the teacher, he asked me why I hadn’t used any color. “Oh,” I replied, “I hate color…”

2 thoughts on “I hate color”

  1. Now that busted the bubble! I thought you went to the US to get some top of the line education, but now it turns out that your teachers judge you on whether or not you use colour in your papers, just like they do in the elementary education. What a turnoff. :p

    It does confirm some prejudices about people in the US being more focused on presentation though.

    But your pink hair looks funny. Do you have new glasses?

  2. Ehm Chris, the course is called Communication *Design* Fundamentals. Color is something we learn there :D. And yes, I have new glasses. They’re green!

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