New York – rest

New York is fantastic. I took too many pictures, I had no time to update my blog, and I now have a real hard time remembering all the cool things I did.
Again, I will follow the strategy of brief description – lots of pictures.

More downtown New York. Visited Columbia University. Licked the sleaziest barbie-doll in Toys r Us. Ice-skating in Central Park. Ate the Hot Pot left-overs. Talked about the important things in life (no, not girls) with Christophe’s father.

Brunch at a real Chinese restaurant (a unique taste-adventure: I even had duck-tongue!) Ellis Island, statue of liberty, Wall Street. I Saw Ground Zero, which was very impressive. Shopping for clothes (I out-shopped Karen!) Dinner at Max Brenner’s Bald Man’s Chocolate Restaurant and a second dessert at Viennero. Karen almost OD’ed on the vast amounts of chocolate!

Tasted the famous White Castle burgers, proved that they are litteraly “bite size”. Went to see the Lion King on Broadway. Had authentic Korean BBQ with cute waitresses and raw beef.

At the moment, I’m on the subway with two friends. Friend one is asleep, friend two is playing Mario Kart on my DS. Friends give each other gifts in the form of experiences. The experiences I got this week leave me with some unerasable impressions. In a way I feel a bit ashamed that the only experience I could return was myself. Still, I hope that that, together with my thankfulness, was good enough!

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