The Big Apple

On Wednesday night Karen decided that I had to see more of the US than Pittsburgh, so we booked a flight to New York. It happened at 3AM, and our flight was at 6AM, so we had to forget about sleeping and rush to the airport.
We’re staying at Christophe’s place, he’s a friend of Karen doing an MBA at Rutgers. He and his father picked us up at the airport. We were completely exhausted, so I was glad that we could take a few hours of sleep before we explored the Big Apple.

New York is overwhelming. It’s population is bigger than all of The Netherlands, and it just feels incredibly crowded. We walked around in Manhattan, visiting the “flagship” stores of the big corporations like Apple, Swatch, Toys ‘R Us. I cannot express the impressiveness of this city, so I hope the pictures will speak for themselves.

Of course, last night was Thanksgiving, but being with one American, one Frenchman and one Dutch guy it seemed kinda inappropriate to roast a turkey. Since Christophe is Vietnamese and Karen is Taiwanese, they decided to introduce me to some Asian flavors, and make an Chinese Hot Pot, which is basically just boiling stuff in a pan. By the way: in order to make a really good Hot Pot, you need X-O sauce, which is really hard to find, especially when you’re two guys in a store with people that don’t really speak English, and you don’t really know what you’re looking for…

As you can see it tasted really good! We also bought some cool desserts at the Asian market, and I fell in love with a Hello Kitty cake :).

After watching a movie we went to bed early, so we could have a full day of fun today. I’ll talk about that later.

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