Final product: CDF booklet

It’s not the final project, but in CDF I spend most of my time working on this booklet. Here’s the cover by the way.

3 thoughts on “Final product: CDF booklet”

  1. “This book has therefore grown into something more than a short manual of typographic etiquette. It is the fruit of a lot of long walks in the wilderness of letters: in part a pocket field guide to the living wonders that are found there, and in part a meditation on the ecological principles, survival techniques, and ethics that apply.”

    You got to be kidding…
    Do your teachers like this kind of wording?

  2. The text is more or less a dummy. We used a very old, very preachy design booklet and made our own, modern design for it.

  3. A okay, so these authors are not your group members, that greatly conforts me :D

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