Already halfway done!

Things are going so fast! I realize that I haven’t written anything about my new courses yet, and I’m already halfway through this semester!

Well, there’s an explanation for all of this. First of all, I started out thinking that I’d be able to manage an extra course over this semester. I was wrong. Six classes is just one too many. It was hard to choose a class to drop, but it turned out that my course on Artificial Intelligence wasn’t exactly as good as I hoped it would be. The lectures were very interesting, but the homework was just a whole bunch of mindless Java coding. It would have been a challenge if I had the time, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Since it also didn’t directly contribute to my goal of learning about Human-Computer Interaction, I decided to drop it.

That was a good choice. My classes this semester are even more demanding than last semester. Spending 60 hours a week on courses is fine, 70 is just too much. I rather do less and do it really good. Interface and Interaction Design, MHCI Project, Cognitive Modeling, Applications of Cognitive Science, and Programming Usable Interfaces are all very good courses, and although I have to work really hard to keep up with all of them, I feel like I’m really getting something out of it. My midterm grades are promising: I predict a victory similar to last semester :).

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