Jan & Fien are visiting!

Hey everyone,

My blog is finally back online. I’m done with the Spring semester, and on Monday the Summer semester starts. My parents are here now and we just came back from the Niagara Falls. I have a lot to put on my blog: My trip to CHI2007 (the Computer-Human Interaction Conference in San Jose), the final results for the stuff I did this semester, my trip to the Niagara Falls, and my graduation which will be this Sunday.

I’ll put all of that online, starting next weekend. For now, I can give you a little taste of what has been happening. I’m especially proud of my final Interface and Interaction Design project, which is called PicturePal. I submitted it to TNO’s “Not Invented Yet” competition, so please all vote for me on www.niy.nl/98!

Thanks and talk to you later!

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