Online Lecture: Cognitive Science and Technology

How can find applications for Cognitive Science research? How can we turn our knowledge about the human mind into something useful?

These questions have been of great interest to me ever since I took Cognition for Iris van Rooij at the TU/e. For an engineering student from Eindhoven, the most important question is how Cognitive Science can help technology. In the two years after I asked that question in class, Iris has invited me to give a guest lecture on this topic in her course.

The last lecture was about two months ago, and we had to do it through video conferencing (too bad the TU/e couldn’t pay me a plane ticket). It went great, and fortunately they recorded the lecture and put it online so that anyone can enjoy it. Here is the first part, and here the second part. It’s all in English.

A lot of the things in this second lecture were taken from the course “Applications of Cognitive Science” which I took this Spring, so if you want to know more about that course, just look at this lecture :).

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