Interaction Designer!

I have been too busy lately to update my blog. I was working on a paper for the CHI conference (will talk about that later), and finishing my classes for this semester.

Besides that, I got a job! Last year, I worked on Aduna AutoFocus for the course SAUI. We made some improvements to the interactivity of the program. During my winter break in NL, I visited Aduna to show them our results. They were pretty enthusiastic about it, and so I asked them to let me know if they had any part-time job opportunities.

About a year later, I’m working on AutoFocus as an Interaction Designer for one day a week! I’m doing the standard procedures (Heuristic Evaluation, Concept Validation, Paper Prototyping, Functional Prototyping) but then in a super-fast lightweight manner. I’m focusing on usability and usefulness, and in a few months (never talk about real deadlines when you’re in IT) my contributions should be visible in AutoFocus 5.0.

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