Okay, I have seriously neglected my blog since I came back from the US, which was like two years ago.

My recent graduation has however sparked some interest in The Netherlands as well as overseas, so I’ll give a quick update. Please leave a comment if you wish to learn more. :-)

I recently finished my graduation project on a recommender system for energy saving measures that has an interface that adapts to the user’s decision making style. The most pronounced effect was found in terms of preference elicitation: I made two systems that let the users indicate their preferences in different ways: by specifying attribute weights vs. by evaluating examples. The example-based version turned out to be better for novices, the case-based version turned out to be better for experts.

This work was recently (today!) awarded with the Best Poster/Short Paper Award on the ACM conference on Recommender Systems 2009 (RecySys09).
In my grad project I further extended this work to an adaptive system that would predict the users’ expertise based on clicking behavior, and adapt the interface on the fly.
My full grad project is nominated for the Gerrit van der Veer prijs; the thesis award of the Dutch CHI chapter. The award session will be on November 12th in Delft. I invite everyone to be there!

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